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• How do I contact National Granite Title Insurance Agency?
• Do you have a Web Privacy Policy?
• What is a Title? What is a Title Insurance Company?
• What Services does National Granite offer?
• What is National Granite Co-op Minutes?
• What are the new recording procedures for NYC closings?
• What are 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges?
• Can I get Forms On Line?
• Can I receive Title Reports via Email?
• Can I Order a Title On Line?
Contacting National Granite Title Insurance Agency
You can email us at or click here for full contact details...

Do you have a web privacy policy?  ( Back to Top )
Yes, please click here to view our site's privacy policy or click here to read our terms of use.

What is a 'Title' and what is a title insurance company?  ( Back to Top )
A Title is a valid claim to ownership of real property, evidenced by deed, certificate of title, or bill of sale. A lender will extend
mortgage financing to a buyer only if the seller holds uncontested ownership of the property in question. Most states treat a
mortgage as a lien against the title held by the lender, or mortgagee.

A Title Insurance Company is a firm that verifies ownership of real property, often done in connection with a conveyance of
real property from seller to buyer. The valid owner is determined through a thorough examination of property records in a
Title Search. The company issues a title certificate, based on its examination.

What services does National Granite offer? ( Back to Top )
National Granite Title Insurance Agency is a full service agency offering prompt, courteous, professional service. We have a
staff of attorneys with years of experience in Real Estate, they are recognized experts and are available to answer your real estate
questions and assist you in resolving Title issues. Click Here to visit our Services page.

What is National Granite Co-op Minutes?  ( Back to Top )
When your client is ready to purchase a co-op unit, look to National Granite to review the Co-op Board Meeting Minutes and
provide you with a detailed report. The report will include our findings, as well as neighborhood fast facts - supermarkets, public
transportation, parks, and more - that your client will find useful. And order the UCC Search from National Granite Title Insurance
and get a package discount! Click here to visit National Granite Co-op Minutes section of the site or call us for more information.

What are the new recording procedures for NYC closings?  ( Back to Top )
Beginning July 5, 2004, all Real Property Transfer forms must be created electronically through ACRIS, New York City's Automated
City Register Information System. As a courtesy to help our clients prepare the forms in draft form, National Granite will continue to
provide the forms on its website. Note, however, that the only forms acceptable to the County Clerks in the City of New York are
those prepared on the City's ACRIS system. You can visit the ACRIS website by clicking here. You can visit National Granite's
Forms Library by clicking here.

What are 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges?  ( Back to Top )
A �Like Kind Exchange� under Internal Revenue Code �1031 can be used by a seller of real property to defer, and in some cases
avoid, the payment of income taxes that would be currently due if the sale resulted in a gain for the seller. A seller is normally
obligated to report as income any gain derived from the sale of real property in the tax year that the sale was completed. �1031
makes an exception to this requirement. In general, �1031 provides that no gain or loss is recognized where real property that was
held for business use or for investment purposes is exchanged for like kind property.

Exchanges under �1031 are common, but they are also complex and difficult. A primary reason for the difficulty is that it is rare for a
seller to find a buyer who has qualified real property to exchange or, for that matter, who even wishes to be involved in any manner
with an exchange under �1031. The most common method of avoiding this problem is through the use of qualified intermediaries
in the manner described in IRS regulation 1.1031 (k)-1(g)(4).

National Granite, through its wholly owned subsidiary National Granite 1031 Services, Inc., can serve as a qualified intermediary
and can assist you in completing the exchange. Click here to go to National Granite's 1031 section or call toll-free 888-GET-1031.

Can I get forms online?  ( Back to Top )
Yes, you can view and print forms from National Granite's Website. We have prepared a selection of frequently used forms that are
available for your use as often as you need. The forms are in industry-standard pdf format that is read with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
If you don't have Acrobat, you can easily download it at no charge by following the link on our Forms page. All the forms in
National Granite's Forms Library are simply a click away! Visit the Forms Library by clicking here.

Can I receive title reports via email?  ( Back to Top )
Yes, you can receive your Title Reports from National Granite in three ways: regular mail, fax and email. For email, using the latest
in high-speed digital scanning technology, we prepare your Report in industry-standard pdf format that can be viewed and printed
with Adobe Acrobat Reader (the same software you use with National Granite Forms) and send it to your email account. Be sure to
let us know your email address and that you would like to receive your Title Reports via email!

Can I order a title online?  ( Back to Top )
Yes, you can send us information about the Title Order by clicking here. When we receive your information, we will send you a
confirmation of your order by fax or email.

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